Campervan Hire In Cumbria: Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know

Cumbria is a north-western county in England and is known as one of the most popular destinations for campervan enthusiasts. There’s a lot to do, plenty to see, and so many great times to be had. In this piece, you’ll be told everything you could possibly wish to know about campervan hire in Cumbria. I’ll take you through the best places to hire your campervan, which campervans are the best to hire, and where you should go in your campervan.

If you want the ultimate guide to hiring a campervan in Cumbria, then take on board all of the info below:


Best Places To Hire A Campervan

As it’s such a popular camping destination with plenty of great campsites, Cumbria has a plethora of places for you to hire campervans. This section is dedicated to revealing the best places to you.



Camperbug is one of the top places to hire relatively small to medium sized campervans in Cumbria. They provide five different choices for you to have a look at and compare. Each one is in a different location across the county including popular destinations like Kendal and Carlisle. All five of the campervans offered are classic VW campervans that have been customised and altered. Full details of each van can be found on the website, but they’re all spacious enough to accommodate around four or five people. The vehicles are owned by regular people, and Camperbug acts as a booking system for these owners. You can go on the site and book your dates by viewing an easy to use calendar system that shows you which dates are free or not. The shortest time you’re allowed to hire one for is from Friday – Monday. With the longest period being a full week from Friday to Friday.


Summit Campervan Hire

Summit Campervan Hire is a family owned business that’s located in the Lake District. They offer a state of the art campervan that allows you to explore the entire county of Cumbria. The family only offers one campervan for hire which means it can be in pretty high demand. It’s recommended you book way in advance just to be safe. The campervan itself is a fully customised and modern 2015 VW Campervan with loads of awesome features. It includes a bespoke kitchen that has everything you’ll need to cook up some classic campsite treats. Sizewise, it can legally carry five people – three in the front and two in the back. There are power sockets, heaters, and even an upstairs bedroom! When you hire this campervan, you also have the option to add some extras such as a rack to fit your bikes. You get given a full tank of diesel and have full breakdown cover with unlimited mileage. This means that you can take it as far away as you like, so long as you return on time. They also offer you a parking space in their car park to keep your car while you’re out and about in the camper.


Camper Connect

Camper Connect is a very popular site that allows you to search for campervan hire in so many different locations in the UK. A quick search for campervan hire in Cumbria, and they will present four different VW campers for you to choose from. The smallest offering is a VW T4 that sleeps two people, has a kitchen area and a few home comforts. There’s also a VW T5 that’s a lot larger and can sleep, five people. It has a comfy and spacious double bed, and even includes a pop-top roof that houses a second double bed. The driveway can also be used as an awning to sleep a couple of extra people too. Then, there are two full customised luxury Nissan campervans called AVA and TOBY. Each one sleeps four people and includes plenty of great features that make them perfect for staying in for days on end. You can pay a 5% deposit when booking any of these campervans to reserve it, which you then get taken away from the final bill. One thing that makes Camper Connect popular is that they don’t charge you a service fee.

If you’re trawling the web looking for campervan hire in Cumbria, then these three places are the pick of the bunch. Two of the three sites offer you the choice between various campers depending on your needs. While the other one offers a fantastically complete camper that can be driven around as much as you like with unlimited mileage.


Campervan Hire Tips

When you’re presented with so many different campervans to choose from, it can be hard to pick the right one. My top tip is to ensure you pick the right one for you and your trip. It doesn’t matter if there’s a big T5 camper that can sleep loads of people, this doesn’t mean it’s the perfect option for you. You could be traveling alone or as part of a pair and all that extra space will be wasted, You’re better off with a smaller campervan that only sleeps two people, and it will be much cheaper too.

As well as this tip, I have a few other things you should look out for when hiring too:



Naturally, you need to look at the price when hiring a campervan. Seeing as it’s such a popular destination, campervan hire in Cumbria can be costly at certain times. Quite a lot of hiring companies don’t disclose the price until you contact them to enquire about a booking. Prices can range from around £200 to somewhere around £450 for a short weekend hire. Then the prices rise if you’re hiring it for longer. Of course, it all depends on the time of the year and the hiring company you’re dealing with. Just ensure you shop around and don’t pay more than you should.



It’s very important that you hire a campervan that’s safe and the hiring company can prove is safe. The last thing you want is a busted up camper that keeps breaking down and ruining your holiday.



You should also pay close attention to the mileage allowance when hiring a campervan. Most companies allow unlimited mileage giving you the freedom to roam about Cumbria as much as you like. But, be careful as some could put a cap on how far you’re allowed to drive and charge extra if you go further.



The campervan manufacturer is also fairly important. I advise you to hire campers that are made by trustworthy brands. VW are the king when it comes to campervans, and you’ll find most companies only offer VW campers. But, Nissan is also a trustworthy brand, as are Fiat and Toyota.

Look out for all of these things when looking for campervan hire in Cumbria. Now, you should have all the information you need to hire the best camper from the best place. So, it’s time to conclude this guide by looking at the best places for you to visit in Cumbria with your campervan.


Best Places To Go In Your Campervan

As I mentioned right at the start of this piece, Cumbria is a county that’s famous for its wonderful campsite locations – particularly in the Lake District. We’ll take a look at the best picks to help you get the most out of your campervan hire.



Windermere is one of the most popular sites for campervan enthusiasts in the Lake District. It’s extremely large and is home to the largest lake in the district too. There are so many great scenic walks to enjoy and wonderful natural sights to see. If you want, you can drive into the small town of Bowness-on-Windermere and enjoy its quaint offerings. You can enjoy many water-based activities, making it the ideal location during the summer months.


Kestrel Lodge

This is a campsite that’s perfect for you to drive your campervan to and set up shop for a few days. It’s located somewhere between the gorgeous Bassenthwaite Lake and outrageously stunning Cumbrian fells. Experience nature in all its glory by going on long walks and then relaxing in your campervan when the sun goes down. It’s close to a couple of popular Cumbrian market towns too, meaning you can go for a short drive in your van to experience all the area has to offer.



Keswick isn’t a campervan site, but it is somewhere you should visit when driving yours around. It’s a bustling little market town filled with so many unique and funky shops. There are also plenty of fantastic restaurants to enjoy if you get sick of cooking in your campervan every night. There’s a lovely lake nearby, and you can even hire a little rowing boat to explore it on your own. This makes for the perfect romantic activity if you’re travelling with your partner.

On that note, we’ve reached the conclusion of this guide to campervan hire in Cumbria. Hopefully, you’ve found the information useful and can now hire a campervan and know some great places to visit too.