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Life on the Road: The Achievable Dream

I’m not someone that’s obsessed by campers, although I can never ignore each and every one I see. I love the different makes, models, types, conversions and designs, but I’m not a camper snob. If someone pulls up next to us in a beaten up van with no windows before sliding the door back to reveal some crappy mattress, a large bottle of water and some beers, I’m thinking “awesome, carefree campers”.

What I love about campers is where they can take you or you can take them, depending on how you look at it. There’s simplicity to camper travel that really captures my imagination. You can jump in a van with some bare essentials and go where you want, when you want. You don’t need detailed plans made months in advance or dates and times that you must stick to.

The Magic of Camper Travel

Camper travel is about turning your back on society for a time and getting away from it all. The sense of freedom you feel after packing the van, turning the radio up and heading off is difficult to replicate. And then there’s the moment you find somewhere to pull up for the night and watch the sun go down with a cold beer; it’s almost therapeutic

Real Campervan Adventures

What is it about living life on the road that’s so appealing? Putting all the buzzwords such as ‘Freedom’, ‘Simplicity’ and ‘Carefree’ to one side, there is something less exciting that explains its appeal: it’s an achievable dream. It’s the sort of thing that many of us could do without a bucket load of cash, although having young kids could make it tricky (but I bet we’ll find someone who blogs on Camper Hub about long term travel with kids, pets and all). We could buy or convert a camper, research possible destinations, work out how we’re going to get by financially, quit our job and just do it. In return we’d have a life that’s full of adventure and with a lot less stress!

Unfortunately, for most of us our day to day lives leave us simply dreaming of a carefree existence. It’s possible but you really need balls to just get up and go. Luckily for those of us left behind, there are some incredible campervan holiday destinations out there and a few days away in the van is often enough time to re-energize us for the 9 –5 slog and the crappy deal of trading 5 days for 2.

Left Behind Dreaming

I hate to admit it, but my experience of camper travel is limited. I fall into the category of ‘dreamer’ when it comes to ‘life on the road’. I love the idea of driving into the sunset in some faraway country and blogging about our epic trip after a hard day of driving, trekking or surfing. But the reality is that I help others get a taste of what a real adventure on the road is all about.

We ran a camper rental business in the past and now have a website for businesses to list their campers for hire. Both of those experiences were and are great, but I really wanted to create a place for people to share advice and stories on campervan living, life & vacations. Whether people are novice travellers or hardened adventurists, Camper Hub is the perfect blog to inspire and get inspired for campervan travels, whether they be for a few days or months on end.

The ultimate goal may be to quit your job to live life on the road, but if you’re not there yet consider buying, renting or borrowing a camper for a weekend break. You’ll be hooked within 24 hours.