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Best Affordable Camper? A Mazda Bongo Camper Review

Today, more of us than ever are realising that some of the very best getaways are those under our own steam — and our own pace. It’s why the humble campervan has sharply risen in popularity in recent years and with all kinds of people. Go as far as you like, abroad or right here in the UK, and stop off when and where you like. What’s not to love?

While it’s certainly the case that many of us would love our own campervan so we can take off and travel on a whim – with no worries about hefty hotel and transport costs — many people are put off buying a campervan by what they perceive as high price tags. But here’s a tip: a good, solid and reliable campervan need not cost you the earth. Indeed, you can get your hands on one for relatively little outlay. Now, you can have a holiday of a lifetime anytime you want.

We’re going to take a look at one the most affordable campervans in the entire world, and one you can readily purchase in Britain. Our Mazda Bongo Camper Review shows the Bongo to be one of the most reliable and comfortable campervans on the road today.


The Mazda Bongo – among the world’s best and most affordable camper vans

Before we do anything, let’s first examine the reasons for buying your own holiday home on wheels. Budget campervans are for more than merely retired couples setting off at a leisurely pace for a spell. The modern campervan enthusiast is just about anyone, and they’ve become especially beloved among families with small children. Why so?

Because it’s a fantastic way to keep the small ones’ attention during the long school holidays, even if it’s only a couple of days’ driving to the nearest coast so they can play in the sand and sea. Plus, children get a real thrill out of sleeping in campervans – such an exciting change from their home routine – and then getting up for breakfast al fresco (weather permitting) the next day. Even professionals who once booked the best hotels and opted for pricey flights are getting in on this desirable four-wheel deal, lured not only by the sense of adventure but also the feeling of total independence it gives.

Now that you know affordable campervans are the choice of many different types of people, we turn to what’s best for you. Time and again, the Mazda Bongo wins out. After all, you just know that something built by the Japanese is going to not only be good value but will also last, while delivering some of the best performances around. And you certainly won’t want to buy a questionable model of budget campervan only for it to break down while you’re on the road and leave you and your family stranded.


The Bongo Basics


Mazda bongo photo

Photo by KelvynSkee

You don’t need to be a motoring expert to get your hands on the right kind of campervan, and as we’re talking about the Mazda Bongo, there’s really not a lot you need to know. Ever since they first appeared many decades ago – and indeed, it’s hard to believe they’ve been in continuous production since 1966, a firm testament to their excellence – they’ve been beloved for their simplicity and power.

In addition, these highly affordable campervans are not those big, boxy, clunky and extremely wide and long vehicles you might typically associate campervans with. No, the compact nature and smaller sizes of the Mazda Bongo won’t cause you any problems with parking or getting it into your driveway.

Wondering what the interior features are that will help you relax while not driving, or when someone else is? Well, it’s amazing what you can fit into the small and confined space of budget campervans, even with an extendable roof that lifts electrically.

You can expect all the usual kitchen facilities in cheap campervans – sink, fridge, preparation area, cooker and so on – that you’d need to make almost any kind of meal and a comfortable area to have it in. Catch up on your favourite TV programmes while relaxing in style, and you’ll have the sleep of your dreams in a comfy bedding area. The toilet section also features a shower, and all told you’ll have plenty of space to move about, no matter what you’re doing.

It’s not the end of the world if you find a Mazda Bongo you like but the interior is either a mess or you don’t like the way it’s fitted out. Many places offer good pricing on campervan refurbishment, so you can easily have your interior the way you want it. There’s no need to worry about spare parts either, as the market for these campervans is vibrant and no matter what age your Mazda Bongo, it’s a safe bet you’ll be able to get the quality spare parts you need to keep you motoring.


The Real Deal


As to where you can find yourself a good Mazda Bongo, and how much you can expect to pay, the good news is they’re available all over the place and for relatively little outlay. Sites like eBay, Gumtree, AutoTrader and many others all have lots of listings for secondhand campervans, and with all the details you need to see before contacting the seller.

Many prices are well under £8,000, and some Bongos are on the market for just a few grand – a real bargain, as long as they’re in good condition. With all the years ahead of holidaymaking on wheels, that makes perfect economic sense. It’s not just accommodation and transport costs – buses, trains, planes, taxis – you’ll be making big savings on, but also food. Just pack it up with all your favourites before heading out on the road, and replenish at supermarkets along the way.

At Camperhub, we’re nothing if not passionate about getting out on the road for travel and adventure – and in making sure we get the word out that you don’t need a whole lot of money to do it. Hopefully our Mazda Bongo camper review will inspire you to get your very own Bongo, and see how it will entirely enhance yours and your family’s lives.

Until next time, happy campervanning!

Featured Photo by mikexgough