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The No. 1 Region of the UK for Campervan Holidays

Any lover of campervan holidays currently living in the UK will have their personal favourite destination. It might be a comfortable campsite surrounded by nature, or a bustling park with plenty of activities. But, if you were to ever head off on a two or three-week tour – maybe longer – where would you go? And which is the best region of the UK that you should focus on?

It is, of course, a question of preference – and taste. One person’s dream holiday might be another’s living hell. So, the idea here is to find somewhere that is suitable for everyone. Somewhere there is a broad range of activities, scenic views, and places of interest.

Let’s face it, there are plenty of choices. The rugged but beautiful landscapes of the Highlands are hard to beat, rain or shine. The Lake District stretches for miles, offering incredible views and quaint, quintessential Englishness. There is Wales, too, with its mountains, stunning coastlines, and rolling countryside.

There can be, however, only one winner – in our humble opinion. It’s an enormous area that covers pretty much every landscape you can think of. And wherever you are in this region, you are only an hour away from the sea. We are, of course, referring to the southwest of England, and the counties of Devon and Cornwall. And here are some of the incredible reasons why you should pay it a visit for your next campervan trip.


The camping

camper cornwall photo

Photo by Matt Seppings

The people of the south west know how to run a campsite. Whether it’s a simple pitch or a more luxurious site with all mod cons, you’ll find it here. It’s fantastic value, too. Head east towards the south and up to London and you won’t get nearly as much for your money. If you like things a little rougher, there are also plenty of places you can wild camp, too.


The options

Love surfing? You can enjoy it on a daily basis, wherever you are in the southwest. Want to know more about the region’s history? There are dozens of fascinating museums dotted around. Visit them and you’ll learn about everything from the tin mines of Cornwall to piracy in times gone by. Love walking, hiking, or cycling? The vast, rolling hills of Devon and Cornwall offer plenty of opportunities to get the heart rate up. And that’s without mentioning the fantastic and eerie moors of Dartmoor and Bodmin. In fact, whatever you are looking for from a holiday, you won’t have to look hard to find it in the southwest.  


The beauty

devon photo

It’s easy to enjoy the scenic delights of Devon and Cornwall without spending a fortune. There are incredible walks and paths that you can enjoy while stretching your legs after a long drive. There are mountains, waterfalls, moors, and beautiful, sandy beaches. The region is full of quaint little towns and villages, and there is something truly authentic and real about the place. Parts of the region enjoy a microclimate, too, which means it avoids much of the inclement weather that other areas suffer. And even in the heaviest rain storms, the ruggedness of the countryside and landscapes are a thing of beauty. In short, you can go to Devon and Cornwall at any time of year, and it will always give you something different.


The driving

Part of the joy of campervan trips is the drive itself. But, let’s face it, when you are stuck on motorway after motorway, things can get a little dull. So, choose the southwest for your next tour. The country roads will bring you straight into the heart of the region, and you will get a wonderful feel for things as you trundle along. There are plenty of pubs to enjoy, too, which makes stopping off for a bite to eat a joy. You will find them in some entirely random and remote areas, too.


The food

While we’re on the subject of food, it would be remiss to talk about Devon and Cornwall without mentioning the region’s best dishes. Clotted cream teas are a must, of course. Pasties are another big winner – and perfect for eating while you are on the move. There are some famous faces from the world of cuisine in the southwest, too. Rick Stein has restaurants pretty much everywhere in Padstow – so much, so that some nickname it Padstein. And Jamie Oliver has a Fifteen restaurant right by the beach at Watergate. There is something for all tastes and budgets in Cornwall and Devon, so you will never spend a day without finding something tasty.


The sea

As we mentioned above, you are never far away from the sea in Devon or Cornwall. You can choose perfect golden sands on the south coast, or craggier, spectacular headlands in the north. The surfing opportunities are some of the best in the UK, and water sports are available at every turn. One minute you could be driving in the middle of the moors in Devon, the next you could be sunning yourself on the beach at Torbay. It’s all so accessible, which is a big part of the reason why it’s our favourite place for campervan trips.


The pace of life

campervan-hire-cliff-topThere is still something quaint and old fashioned about Devon and Cornwall. Sure, there are big cities and modern activity centres – the Eden Project, for example. But the pace of life is as far removed from the hustle and bustle of London or Manchester. And that makes it a perfect place to go to enjoy plenty of relaxation. You really feel like you are somewhere else while driving down the stone wall lined roads that have been there for hundreds of years. The historical side is fascinating too.

OK, so there you have it – our favourite region in the UK for campervan trips. Have we got it right or are we wrong? Let us know your thoughts!

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