Tips for Travelling Across Europe in a Campervan

Campervanning across Europe is an experience unlike any other. However, it is not as easy as it may seem. There are certain things you will need to keep in mind before you head out for your own adventure. It is true when people say that a campervan can make a vacation or a trip more eventful, but then again you will still need to know what you are getting yourself into in the first place. That being said, here are a few tips you need to keep in mind to make your trip better than it could have ever been before.

Do Your Homework

Before you even consider heading out in your campervan across Europe, it is important for you to keep in mind that you should know where you are going in the first place. The idea here is to prepare, aim and then fire. As long as you know your destination, there is very little that could cause a problem for you on your trip across Europe. Regardless of the fact you are a traditionalist or a road expert, you will need your maps or a GPS system to guide you. One of the best things you could possibly do is to plan ahead, if possible it would be wise to do so before to identify and overcome any difficulties that may come along the way.

Know Thy Laws

If you are new to Europe, you cannot expect to travel around the region without knowing the law of the land. This will not only make your tripe easier, but it will save you from a lot of problems and hassles later on. If you do not want to be pulled over by the authorities for breaking the law, here is what you will need to keep in mind:

  • A majority of European countries require drivers to keep the headlights on throughout their trip, even if it is broad daylight.
  • If you do not have a hands-free headset, avoid talking on the phone while you are driving.
  • Before you get any bright ideas, remember to stop at a red light and avoid turning to the right. It is illegal and can only be done if a stop specifically authorizes you to turn to the right.
  • For children under the age of three, you will need to install safety seats, especially if you are travelling across Germany or Ireland. Moreover, for older children over the age of 12, you will need booster seats if they are to sit in the front.
  • It is ill advised to travel without a safety kit and vest. However, if you have rented a campervan, such necessities are already provided.
  • If you are planning to travel across Europe, you will need to know the signs. If you are not a local, you will come to realize these signs are not the same as they were back at home. You can know more about them by consulting with a guide. Such individuals will be able to give you all the information you need based on the areas you wish to travel. It is important for you to recognize and understand each sign as your life could depend on it. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that the speed limit in Europe is displayed and measured in kilometers rather than the usual miles you may be accustomed to.
  • Keep as much loose change as you possibly can for road tolls. You will have to pay to use motorways and highways, which is why you need to have the correct currency in order to cover such costs. There is no harm in taking extra cash with you for unforeseen circumstances.
  • You will be pulled over if you fail to obey the rules and regulations that apply. You will need to stick to speed limits. But there are some obscure rules you must know about at the same time. For instance, in Switzerland and Spain you need to carry a spare set if you wear prescription glasses. It goes without saying by observing the local laws, your trip will be smoother and without any problems whatsoever.

Protect your Campervan

Now why would anyone ever want to protect their campervan? Think of it this way, you will be on the road alone or with your family, could you risk any harm coming to yourself or others around you? If not, you will need to protect your campervan accordingly. There is no doubt that you are going to come across some troublemakers along the way. Moreover, you will have to remain extremely vigilant to protect your campervan and those accompanying you. You can start by keeping your valuables out of sight to prevent attracting unwanted attention. Furthermore, you should always park in well-lit and safe areas all the while making sure you check your vehicle before going anywhere.

Adjust your Campervan’s Headlights

Many European countries require drivers to adjust their headlights to a specific pattern. This means if you are driving on the right hand side, you will need to adjust the headlights to a beam pattern. This is actually quite beneficial as it will prevent confusing or stunning oncoming traffic. However, if you do not know how to go about making the necessary adjustments, it would be wise to have it professionally taken care of to avoid delays and problems later on.

Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, you now have more than enough information to travel across Europe in a campervan without any hassles whatsoever. However, enough emphasis cannot be placed on the fact that research is essential for a hassle free journey. Always remember to obey the law, if you do not know about a particular region it would be wise to find out more about it. Most importantly, in most European countries you will have to drive on the right side of the road.