About Us


Camper Hub will be divided into 3 core categories, with sub-sections for people to easily find what they’re looking for.

Travel & Adventure : Tips, Guides & ideas. Example articles could be Travel Guides, Itineraries, Must Visit Campsites and Life on the Road.

Campers: News, Reviews, Projects and Guides.

Business: Ideas, Success Stories, Location Independence


Travel & Adventure


Camper travel and adventure is on the rise. People from all over the world can’t get enough of it and although it’s great to set off with no real plan, there are plenty of you that want ideas and inspiration from people ‘in the know’. If you’ve travelled to an incredible location that others should visit then tell us. If you have a complete travel guide or itinerary then share it. We want to hear about where you’ve been, where you camped and what was so amazing about it. Let others share your experiences and possibly even experience it themselves. Post articles, images, and video’s and really take us to that place.


Campers (coming soon)


Keeping people up to date with the latest news and reviews of campers, camper products, features and equipment. But lets also showcase conversion and restoration projects that you’re working on. It’s important to show others what’s possible when building your own camper. And if you’re happy to show people how to do what you’ve done then do so in a great article or video.



Business (coming soon)


As camper travel becomes more popular so to does the number of businesses related to the industry. There are entrepreneurs all over the world doing what they love and following their passion for camper vans by starting up in business. Tell us your story and what worked or didn’t work. Give people business ideas and even help them to follow your path with guides. We used to run a campervan rental business in Cornwall, UK with 4 VW campers. Soon we’ll add a post abut that and even a guide on how to start and run a successful camper van rental business in the UK.